Your Home Page

Before you begin editing your website, there’s one thing to figure out, or at least understand:

Do you want the Home page to be the most recent Posts to your blog or do you want it to be static content and have your blog elsewhere (or not even have a blog)?

There are different schools of thought on this and it’s really up to you.

The setting that controls this is under Settings > Reading:

The Reading page then shows:

We’re mainly concerned with the very first setting.  If you want your home page to show your latest Posts (more of a blog style), then leave it as-is.  If you want your home page to be static (to have the same basic elements each time you visit), then you’ll first need to create two blank Pages to handle the second option.  We’ll cover that under Editing Your Website.

Also, depending on the Theme you choose, you may have options for featured content and other elements that can be placed.  We’ll get into all of that, too.

Setting Up And Using Your WordPress Website